High Performance Training

For All Athletes

Program Design

We offer Team Training (ages 12 and up) for sport teams of all kinds (Hockey, Ringette, Soccer, Rugby, etc.). Based on the team sport, athlete age, and athlete development we will construct effective training sessions for the entire team. Typically our Team Training sessions are 90 minutes in length, with two of our coaches running the session. Based on our experience and Team feedback, we have found this to be a very effective strategy.

Services Included

1. Assessment

Based on the sport, athlete age and athlete development, we will perform a group based physical assessment of abilities (strength, power, endurance, etc.).

2. Programming

Based on the characteristics of the group, as determined from the Assessment, we will then construct effective Training Sessions for the group. The Training Sessions will be progressive in nature. They will meet the athletes at their current abilities and aim to make positive progress each and every Training Session.

3. Coaching

We pride ourselves on our coaching prowess. We recommend having two coaches on hand for the Training Sessions to ensure we are able to provide each and every athlete with the instruction, attention, and feedback they deserve. We know the kids have busy schedules and we want to make the time they spend at Optimum Performance Training as effective as possible.

4. Nutrition

We will provide the athletes and/or coaches with some information regarding proper nutrition. We will discuss these topics with the athletes during the sessions. Sometimes Teams have this area (Nutrition) already taken care of, which is great. If this is the case just let us know ahead of time.

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