Hybrid Program

Personal training + online program design

The Hybrid Program

The Hybrid Program combines both personal training and online program design to completely suit your needs and get you results.

This program is perfect for those who want the feedback and motivation of personal training while having an individualized plan that they can complete on their own.

This is for you if:

  • You are tired of doing the same workout and not getting results
  • You are unsure of the proper movement so you stick to the same routine
  • Motivation is down and are bored with the lack of variety
  • You are ready for a change and want results

Become noticeably stronger and more confident in your abilities.

This program is a 12 week commitment with 1 personal training session a week and an individualized program to do on your own at your preferred workout location.

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“I have been seeing him (Michael) for close to 10 years. We average our visits twice per week. During that time it has eliminated all my pain and has certainly improved my lifestyle and my golf game.”

“I have learned to deal with diet as well as training properly”

“Through this process we have been able to build on skill sets that help us in our day to day lives. We feel stronger and more capable than we ever have.”

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